UK Bingo Sites With No Deposit Required

UK bingoIf you are interested in playing online bingo, there is no better place to reside than in the UK. The UK has a completely open, regulated market, which means all the sites operating within it are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and are 100% safe to play at.

The only question really, is to decide which site out there is the best to join. Making that decision though is not as straightforward as you may think. In fact there is a plethora of different sites to choose from on a wide range of different bingo networks.

That being said though, I think one option clearly stands out from the other, and that is to a choose a popular no deposit bingo site.

Bingo Sites With No Deposit Needed

If you want to play online bingo without having to make a deposit, there is a decent selection of no deposit bingo sites to choose from. What is a no deposit site you ask? Well a good example would be Buttercup Bingo which was linked just a second ago. The site provides players with a £15 free no deposit required bonus, and allows them to try out all the bingo and slots games on the site without being charged. The great thing about these types of sites though is that you don’t have to risk any money before deciding whether you like the site or not. All things considered, this is a really great option, especially for newbie players who wan’t to get started without jumping in at the deep end.

Large Deposit Bonuses

The other options however would be to throw complete caution to the wind and opt for a bingo site with a large welcome bonus. Bonuses themselves though may not always be what they seem and it’s important to read the small print on the site before committing to one. For example, two sites may both offer a £100 bonus, however one might have 4x wagering requirements and the other will have 2x wagering requirements. All things being equal, the site with the lower wagering requirements will give you a higher chance of making a profit once you have hit that bingo jackpot prize.

Play Free Online Bingo Games

Finally another smart option would be to play at a site that offers free bingo games, a good example of a site like this would be Costa Bingo. Costa is one of several sites that allow players to play free games 24 hours a day, again, with no deposit needed. The key difference however between a free games and no deposit site is that at the free games site, you don’t get given an account balance, but just get access to plenty of free games with real money prizes.

It’s not uncommon for free sites to splurge on the prizes either, with games all round the web starting every minute there really is a lot of free bingo money up for grabs for anyone who is willing to take the time to play.

One thing is for certain though, if you are from the UK you really do have the best choice compared to any other nation. Most operators use £GBP as their main currency as well, and many have support staff and chat moderators based in the country as well.

75 Ball Bingo Guide

Traditionally known as “American Bingo”, 75 Ball Bingo has historically been traditionally played in the USA and Canada. However, the rise of online gambling the game has made it easier to spread different gambling methods to much wider audiences.

The main difference between 75 Ball Bingo and the more typically European 90 ball bingo is that players have less numbers on their bingo tickets, and therefore less chances to win a prize. For this reason, rather than splitting the prize between three people, as in 90 Ball Bingo, there is usually only one winner in 75 Ball Bingo – with only a few exceptions, such as if the game offers a prize to players were only one or two numbers away from a prize (Also known as One To Go (1TG) and Two To Go (2TG) players).

How to play

The game itself is very easy to play. Players will buy a bingo card, which shows a 5×5 grid making up 25 squares arranged into 5 columns and 5 rows. One free space is usually placed at the centre of the grid to start you off. At the top of each column is one of the letters spelling our B-I-N-G-O, and the numbers are divided amongst each column:

  • Column B: between 11 and 15.
  • Column I: between 16 and 30
  • Column N: between 30 and 45
  • Column G: between 46 and 60
  • Column O: between 61 and 75

How To Win

The aim of the game is to fill a selected pattern in order to bingo. The patterns include filling up horizontal lines, vertical lines, four corners on your card, or simply covering all your cards. Some cards have specific patterns, and you have to cover all of them in order to win.

The bingo caller will begin to call out numbers between 1 and 75 at random, and players mark them off their sheet. The numbers are called out as part of a grid – for example, if G-16 is called out, then you will tick off the number 16 under the letter G. This carries on going until one player has managed to “Bingo” by filling up the pattern! That player will then win the full Jackpot prize.

There are a lot of pros to playing 75 Ball bingo. It’s typically faster than 90 Ball Bingo and there are loads of interesting patterns to create and bingo on. What’s more, the game is very easy to play and it’s easy to identify the jackpot prize. The flip side is that you have less chances of winning a prize. In some 75 ball bingo games, you don’t even need to be present on the site in order to win! So you can pre buy tickets to a game, then go about your daily business and perhaps become a winner without knowing it!

So now you know what’s what in the world of 75 Ball Bingo, why not try out a game for yourself? It’s very easy to get to grips with and there are some giant prizes to be won.